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Excellent Tips To Help You Have A Budgeted Wedding!

Are you planning on your wedding? Planning for a wedding can be one of the most exhausting tasks ever. Especially if you have a strict budget that you need to adhere to, it can be nerve wrecking. Planning out my wedding with a small budget, was indeed a very difficult task but a challenge that was possible. Here are some of the excellent tips that actually help one have a budget yet beautiful wedding!

When having a budgeted wedding, the first thing that will need a lot of compromise is your wedding guest list. You will need to cut down on the number of people. But do keep in mind that you need not call all the people possible for your wedding. Try to make it an intimate affair. Invite only those guests who are the closest and the most important. Keeping the number of guests to a minimal, will give you the opportunity to increase your budget for other aspects of your wedding, which might be more useful.

Food is another aspect of the wedding that will require quite a huge budget. You will need to check out the available food suppliers or catering services, to compare their menu and price list. It is very important that you find a caterer who is not only affordable but is also good. Make sure that you check the caterer online or by any other possible manner to ensure that you get value for money. Some caterers even have higher rates for different function venues Adelaide hills. You also need to keep in mind that you get different dishes, especially veg and non-veg, because some will eat all but there are most who are choosy. Its always best to go with the common menu.

The reception
The reception that you are planning on having is another major aspect that will affect your budget. Obviously you will want to have something elegant and beautiful. You need to ensure that you choose a location that is not too expensive. You can even have an outdoor wedding which will not only be different, but it will also be able to accommodate your guest list! You also have reception halls with private function rooms, which are a great way to celebrate an intimate wedding celebration.

Thrift shops
Thrift shops are a great place to find your almost new décor for your wedding ceremony. Rather buying first hand all décor items, you can opt for a thrift shop. It will not be cheaper, most often they look as good as ne. And if you are lucky you may even find items that are new but bought extra by the previous owner. For more information, please click here. style=”float: right;” title=”Event-Services-600×240.jpg” src=”/userfiles/bpimages/Event-Services-600×240.jpg” alt=”Event-Services-600×240″ width=”158″ height=”63″ />

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