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Maintenance Of Evaporative Coolers

We sure does want to beat the heat and be the boss of our own indoor temperature, and one thing might come to mind: air conditioning units. However, did you know there’s also another type of cooling method in which you are going to save more, help the environment, and even produce cleaner air. What we’re talking about? Evaporative coolers. And like any other machines, they also need to be maintained and taken care of. Here are some ways to do just that.

Cleaning regularly

Instead of chemical refrigerants, portable evaporative air conditioning only employs water when maintaining the ambient room temperature. But it does not mean it won’t need cleaning. There are actually filters installed inside the unit, however, you will still need to clean it every once in a while. How about every month? This is to make sure that microbial growth is highly discouraged. You may event try using vinegar solution (that is water and vinegar)when cleaning the filter, which is an already tested and proven cleaning agent for many years. Furthermore, don’t forget to also wash the water container inside, or the reservoir. And of course, a time to time cleaning of the exterior, or the house of the unit. Not only shall it maintain the amazing cooling performance of the evaporative cooler, it may even extend its lifespan more than expected.

Replacement of cooling pads

You should always have a routinely inspection if the cooling pads inside the unit are still intact and just fine. If found to be containing cracks, then have the cooling pads immediately replaced. Cooling pads are usually replaced before storing the unit, that’s when the winter period has just began or before the hot weather rolls out. Remember, every time you replace the pads, always clean the frame first. This is to minimize the contaminants being deposited there.

When not used for longer

If you are planning to go out of town for a longer period of time or maybe it will be winter or cold season again, don’t leave your portable evaporative air conditioner just like that without doing anything. Still, maintenance is important. The first thing you should do before you jump straight to your trip is to make sure that there would be no water supply in the unit. This is to prevent the growth of bacteria inside. Drain out all the remaining water inside, and clean the tank that’s containing the water.Evaporative coolers, whether portable or installed on the house, need to be maintained and inspected as well. The good thing is you can do these maintenance suggestions on your own, no need for professional technician to come.

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