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Himalayan pink salt

The secret behind an appropriate tasty meal is the amount of salt that has been added in it, the best ingredient or should I say the taste developing ingredient is himalayan pink salt. Although consumption of salt is essential for human body but if consumed in excess amount might lead to health problems. As everything needs to be in balance and if the use of such thing is abused that might become a problem for an individual, hence one should know the right quantity that needs to be added in the food and the several varieties of salt that are available for the people. As each differ in their texture, taste and colour.

The very first type of salt is the sea salt, this type of salt is derived from the evaporation of salty water and sea water. The sea salt contains some amount of minerals and vitamins such as iron and zinc, the sea salt flakes are not smaller in size rather they are larger chunks of salt. The sea salt helps keep the individual hydrated as it is enriched with such nutrients that it does satisfy your thirst for a longer period of time. Also the electrolytes contained within the salt help your muscle relax and avoid cramps and contractions that might cause pain in your body. But the sea salt is not the best option as the growth of pollution in the oceans is increasing. 

Additionally another type of salt is refined salt, is similarly extracted from the salt mines but  as the word itself indicates that this type if salt is processed and hence this might be a disadvantage for the people who consume it. Although this is the most consumed salt in population. Another type of salt is the kosher salt, this is extracted from the underground mines and is was originally used for religious purpose. This salt also has larger salt grains and is not iodized so this is considered as a benefit of it. Further, another type of salt is celtic salt that entails moisture in it. It has low amount of sodium in it and high  amount of minerals in it.

Another type of salt is Himalayan pink salt, this salt is derived from the mountain named the Himalayas. The pink Himalayan salt contains a lot of benefits that it is low in sodium as compared to table salt. The pink Himalayan salt helps create a balance between the electrolytes and not only this they help balance the human body’s ph level and eradicate toxin from the body. The pink Himalayan salt also has nutrients in it such as magnesium, calcium and iron.

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