What Is Geotechnical Engineering

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You must have obviously heard of the term engineering. There are so many fields of engineering these days whether its computer, electrical, nuclear, or mechanical engineering. These are the popular choices students usually opt for. However there are certain less known engineering fields which many don’t know of even engineering students. One such field is geotechnical Melbourne engineering. I’m sure many of you aren’t familiar with this term or know what this field of engineering deals with. Looking at the term you must think it has something to do with geography which isn’t wrong. It does deal with geography.

Geotechnical engineering is a branch of civil engineering which another popular choice of specialization. If we look at what geotechnical engineering does then it’s quite simple to understand. To put it simply this branch of engineering uses soil mechanics, rock mechanics for the investigation of subsurface conditions.

 Soil Mechanics

Soil mechanics is a major part of geotechnical engineering. In soil mechanics the soil of an area are analyzed before any construction is done. This is important because you want to know whether the soil in the land would be able to support the structure of the building. After all you wouldn’t want the building falling down would you? If we look at the makeup of the soil, the soil consists of rock particles , minerals, air and water. A careful analysis is done of the properties of the soil keeping in mind all the elements that make it up. This would tell you whether the particular land in question is suitable for construction or not.


The use of soil testing Adelaide is not just limited to constructions. It has many other applications and uses


Engineers make sure that our roads are properly maintained, have longevity and durability. Imagine the road that is frequent to breakdown and damage? It would definitely impact an entire country’s economy due to slow transportation of goods.


Engineers study the land to asses and calculate the risk of a land slide in any project or excavation being done on the land. They are responsible for the safety of many.

 Underground structures

Geotechnical engineers work on all underground structures such as mines, tunnels and subways. They are involved in the construction, maintenance, design and the safety of these constructions.


Dams are an important source of renewable energy. Geotechnical engineers play a crucial role when it comes to Dams. They are involved in the design, construction and maintenance of Dams.


Landfills are a way to get rid of solid waste. The solid waste is usually toxic and harmful to the environment. Geotechnical engineers are the ones who design these sophisticated structures and are responsible for safely disposing of the waste.

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