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How To Decrease The Amount Of Student Loan Taken?

A student loan is used to help students pay for higher education such as universities and colleges and the cost of books,living expenses and tuition. They usually have to be paid back with interest. If you apply for financial aid from your school then the student loads will be a part of them. It is better if you can get scholarships or grants as you don’t have to pay them back.

There are two different types of student loans:

  1. Federal load: These are the ones given out by the government and are calculated according to the total amount needed to attend as well as taking into account any money that your parents give
  2. Private loan: These are given by private banks or agencies. They have a bigger interest rate as compared to federal ones and usually have to start paying them off right away.

 Zookal.com is site which makes life of university students easier by providing them with a variety of goods and services such as renting and selling university textbooks which can either be new or used. For various majors there are many different books available. For example in accounting they following are available:Australian financial accounting 7th edition and Financial accounting;an integrated approach 6th edition.

Textbook rental is a concept which allow students to save a lot of money which would otherwise be spent on buying new expensive books. This helps students save hundreds,maybe even thousands of dollars through the time of their degree. Some students who have previously bought books can offer to rent them out or even sell them so that they can at least get some of their money back. It is great for people who are renting out books as well as those who are actually using this service. You are also doing a favour to others by helping to decrease their student debts. You can save upto 90 percent by renting books instead of buying them. Renting is a great option as long as you remember to return them and pay your dues.

 When you are renting books,it has certain benefits. You can actually save space when you return the books and make room for the next ones that you have to get. Also you now have a good reason to be done with the books and have to return them,you don’t have to worry about clutter or going through the hassle of reselling them. You can avail all these benefits by simply visiting zookal.com and substantially decreasing your student costs.

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